Rock Farm Road is a musical collaboration between Danielle and Paul Kneipp. Danielle provided the concept; curated the material; and sang lead and background vocals. Paul provided the production, drumming and backing vocals. The first album from this partnership is “Light My Way“. Ten original songs arranged and produced specifically for this project. “Light My Way” also features virtuoso performances from some of Australia’s finest musicians. Prepare to be entertained! It’s an album; and a destination.

Welcome to Rock Farm Road.

Australian Songwriter and Producer, Paul Kneipp

Professional musician at 15.  Songwriter and Producer at 27. The story of Paul Kneipp is one of a person singularly devoted to excellence in music, whether performing, composing, producing or developing artists. 

Born in Townsville, North Queensland, Paul left home to play drums in a band at age 16 and then went on to perform in all capital cities of Australia, The U.S.A., Germany and New Zealand with a who’s who of Australian stars and overseas artists. In between studies at the New South Wales Conservatorium Of Music, Paul toured and recorded his way through the ‘80s. Some highlights included:

• Jaco Pastorius • Seals and Crofts (Sydney Opera House) • Leon Berger • Sharon O’Neill •  Marcia Hines • Rick Price  • Danny LaRue  • Rolf Harris • “Blood Brothers” (starring Russell Crowe) • “Are You Lonesome Tonight” (starring Martin Shaw) • “Chess” • “Late Night With Jonno & Danno “ (weekly TV show starring Jonathan Coleman) • Marc Hunter • Tim Finn • America (support)

Paul moved to Los Angeles to further his musical career, travelling across the continent to play at The Worlds Fair in New Orleans. It was during this period that Paul became interested in production and song writing, returning to Australia to concentrate on this.

Paul then worked with singer Chrissy Moy and gained a record deal with Festival records.  The song ‘Dreamland’ was released which Paul co-wrote and produced.  The pattern of finding and developing artists, writing songs and producing them to secure a record deal, is one that Paul has copied successfully, many times.Paragraph

Paul was the driving force behind The Robertson Brothers and negotiated a deal for the group with BMG.  The Robertson Brothers were nominated for an ARIA award as Best New Artist and the first single ‘I Know Why’ written and co-produced by Paul, made the top forty in Australia.  Paul wrote four songs for the album which gained air play in Asia, the U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South America and a number one in Lebanon.  The Robertson Brothers and Paul toured Germany in the summer of 1995 as the support act for the group America.

Paul built his own studio, maintaining and engineering all recording equipment for personal use as well as for other clients, such as Tim Finn and Wendy Matthews.  Fourteen year old singer Christine Toseski, recorded the pop/dance single 2nd Skin (Kneipp/Moy) in his own studio and was PK Music’s first independent release.  This single gained airplay on Australia’s national radio network, internet and college radio stations in Russia, USA and UK and instore radio stations.

Paul is regarded as an extremely professional and talented person by music industry associates.  He continues this pursuit of musical excellence today.  

Singer Danielle Kneipp

Danielle Kneipp is the daughter of Tony Clout, an experienced and talented multi-instrumentalist who was band leader at several large Sydney clubs, for many years. His love and appreciation of music has undoubtably been passed on to Danielle.

Danielle studied classical piano from the age of eight and went on to matriculate four times from universities in Music, Arts Management and Education. 

As an experienced music teacher, Danielle has led and accompanied choirs and ensembles of all shapes and sizes.

Her love of singing; and the entire recording and production process has led her to a unique collaboration with Paul, spanning two albums.

The team on “Light My Way”

Guitars: Rex Goh (Daryl Braithwaite, Eurogliders, Renee Geyer, Grace Knight, Tommy Emmanuel Kate Ceberano, Wendy Mathews, Seven Deadly Sins, Lee Khernaghan and Trisha Yearwood (Goondawindi Moon, Hat Town), Smokey Dawson (Homestead In My Dreams), CDB, Human Nature, Gina Jeffries (Up Close), Graeme Connors, Beccy Cole, Felicity Urquart, John Schumann, Jim Kelly’s Guitarkestra, Jimmy Barnes, Geoff Bullock (4 albums) & Glenn Shorrock)
Bass: Mark Costa (Altiyan Childs, Anthony Callea, Shannon Noll, Kulcha,Stan Walker, Australian Idol, Margaret Urlich)
Bass: Greg Lyon (Crossfire, Renee Geyer, Glenn Shorrock, Brian Cadd, Ricky May, Georgia Fame , Richard Clapton, Doug Parkinson ,Kerrie Biddell ,Doug Ashdown)
Keyboards: Jeffrey Bartolomei (Dragon, Richard Clapton, Margaret Urlich)
Piano: Michael Bartolomei (Scott Tinkler quartet, Jullian Lee,
John Hoffman big band, Dale Barlow, Emma Pask, Errol Buddell, Keith Stirling, Ralph Pyle Big band, Fabian Hevia’s Mano a Mano, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Freddie Grigson, Jane Irving trio, Karlie Bruce, Brendan Clarke trio, Christine Sullivan, David Jones, Craig Walters’ band, Nielsen Gough trio and The Sydney All Stars Big Band, Carl Fontana, Chuck Findlay.)
Plus special guest: flugelhorn: Paul Thorne (Session legend, Ricky May, Midnight Oil, Paul Grabowsky, James Morrison, INXS)

Mixed by Sean Carey (Emmy winner. Cat Stevens, Don Was, Daniel Johns and Skylar Grey)

Mastered by Kathy Naunton (Air Supply, Cold Chisel, INXS, Paul Kelly, Icehouse, Divinyls, Midnight Oil, The Models, the Angels, Gang Gajang)

  1. I Know Why Rock Farm Road Buy 1:23
  2. This Could Be The Day Rock Farm Road Buy 1:39
  3. Light My Way Rock Farm Road Buy 2:02
  4. Your Love Is The Reason Rock Farm Road Buy 1:35
  5. Silver Moon Rock Farm Road Buy 1:32
  6. Close My Eyes Rock Farm Road Buy 1:27
  7. On The Run Rock Farm Road Buy 1:39
  8. Yesterday Morning Rock Farm Road Buy 1:39
  9. Lover Of Mine Rock Farm Road Buy 1:55
  10. Our Summer Rock Farm Road Buy 1:30